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For All Huron County Residents

For Assistance Call:

Common Pleas - Felony Court Advocate:

Tina Ashakih 419-660-8039

Norwalk Municipal Court - Domestic Violence Advocate:

Linda Border, Director 419-663-3839

Common Pleas Court - Juvenile Court Advocate:

Kimberly Jones 419-663-3839

We Offer...

Court Advocacy and Victim Impact Statements

Huron County Victim Assistance informs victims and witnesses about their opportunities to particapate in the court process and assists victims in providing oral or written impact statements that include information about the physical, emotional, and financial effects of the crime, special circumstances such as cruelty or vulnerbility, and victim opinions regarding plea negotiations, sentences, release from prison, and fear of the defendant.

Crisis Conseling and Referral Servies

Huron County Victim Assistance networks with community agencies and refers victims for civil suits, specialized counselors, Legal Aid, MADD, Compassionate Friends, clergy, and Services for the Aging.

Assistance in Preparing to Testify in Court

We will review testifying guidelines with you and arrange for you to view the courtroom where you will testify.

Information and Assistance in Filing an Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Application

If you have been physically injured of emotionally harmed as a result of a violent crime, Huron County Victim Assistance informs victims about "Victim Compensation" taken from criminal fines, not taxes. This state fund provides up to $50,000 for injured victims' expenses, such as, medical, counseling, lost wages, insurance deductables etc. Huron County Victim Assistance also documents victim's injuries, damages and losses so prosecutors and judges can order criminals to pay restitution to victim and insurance companies. Thousands of dollars are ordered in restitution annually.

Notification of Case Status, Court Advocacy and Accompaniment

Using letters, brochures, or telephone calls, Huron County Victim Assistance notifies victims and witnesses of: critical hearings and any changes in court dates; the outcome of the case; including decisions to drop the case, divert the case, or transfer it to a different court; and the sentence (often including a copy of the actual Judgement Entry). Huron County Victim Assistance answers questions about the process of testifying and attempts to resolve other problems that might discourage the victims appearance at court.

24 Hour Emergency On-Call

Huron County Victim Assistance provides a 24 hour crisis response for sexual assault victims.

Parole Board Hearings and Post Release Issues

We will assist you in gathering information to present to the parole board and also help you to obtain a no contact order after an inmate’s release.