Huron County Victim Assistance Program

A Division of the Prosecutor’s Office

12 E. Main St. 4th Floor

Norwalk, OH 44857

Phone: 419-663-3839

Fax: 419-663-3844

The state of Ohio, in Ohio Revised Code Section 2930, mandates that victims and witnesses of crime have rights and has promised crime victims and their families, rights in connection with our criminal justice system. The goal of the Huron County Victim Assistance Program is to provide quality Supportive services to all victims of Felony, Misdemeanor and juvenile crimes in our county and surrounding areas.

The Huron County Prosecutor’s Office employs four Victim Advocates, who act as liaison between the victim and the prosecutor. Their mission is to help crime victims of Huron County navigate the criminal justice system by maintaining the respect they deserve while providing information and support to facilitate successful prosecutions.

Free Assistance is offered, including:

  • Helping Hand and Hearing Heart
  • Information About the Court Process
  • Information and Assistance in Filing an Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Application
  • Notification of Case Status
  • Court Advocacy and Accompaniment
  • 24 Hours Emergency On-Call
  • Accompaniment and Assistance during Parole Board Hearings and Post Release Issues

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We assist with your legal rights

  • Right to receive information about the investigation or court status.
  • Right to appoint a representative to participate and receive notification on your behalf.
  • Right to be notified of an arrest or a release of the offender.
  • Right to reasonable return of property.
  • Right to be free of intimidation.
  • Right to make a statement at sentencing about the impact the crime has had on you and your family.
  • Right to participate in the criminal proceedings without jeopardizing your employment.
  • Right to compensation for economic losses which were a result of the crime.

We assist whether the crime is:

  • Reported to police
  • Reported but unsolved
  • A property or violent offense
  • A probation or parole violation
  • From years ago and you want support, information, or help with a parole hearing

Behind the scenes we:

  • Do public community speaking on victim concerns
  • Develop protocols with media, police, and prosecutors to protect victims and evidence
  • Give care bags when children testify
  • Cooperate with offender rehabilitation programs to encourage accountability, healing, and reduce future crime
  • Work to protect your rights to participation, restitution and safety